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There are currently more than 38,000 medical device companies listed in this site. This data includes every known FDA Registered company. The data is updated every month with new information supplied to the FDA and continuously with data supplied by our advertisers. The data also includes medical device companies that do not require FDA approval.

FDA registered company data includes the following kinds of companies:

Certifying Agents
Contract Manufacturers
Contract Sterilizers
Domestic Distributors
Initial Distributors
Private Label Manufacturers
Rebuilders / Refurbishers
Repackagers / Relabellers
Specification Developers
Tentative Domestic Distributors
Unregistered Foreign Lister
US Designated Agents

Complete FDA-Registration Data

In strict compliance with FDA Section 510 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, our data is 100% comprehensive of the data that has been officially filed by each FDA-Registered company in our system. FDA-registration records are CROSS LINKED with FDA Device Listing Data. We update our data each month with any new information that has been submitted to the FDA. You can be assured that the information contained within our system is displayed EXACTLY according to how each company has submitted their paperwork to the FDA.

Data Integrity and Strict Compliance

In order to maintain strict compliance with FDA regulations and to ensure the integrity of FDA data, we do not allow anyone to edit the FDA data in our system. Change requests and disputes to FDA information should be submitted directly to the FDA. Although we do not allow any changes to FDA data, authorized company representatives can add additional information to their records in our system which is displayed right next to the official FDA data.

Search by Company Details

You can search by company name, tradename, address, and other contact information, keywords and details on the products and services the company offers. You can also find Medical Device Manufacturers by the devices the manufacture.

Supplier Cross-Linking

Suppliers can link their company profiles with FDA-registered Medical Device Companies in our system.

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