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With MILLIONS of records served this year, our users have found what they wanted on the FIRST TRY an average 80% of the time!

    Most search engines use sophisticated ranking systems to prioritize the pages in their databases. These complex algorhytms are proprietary, continuously changing, and extremely frustrating for people that try to market their products and services on the Internet. You could get to the top of the engines today by using better keywords in your website only to find that tomorrow they've switched the entire ranking system on you, or even worse: dropped your website from the indexes altogether. Most search engines charge a fee to be listed in their engines. Some charge hundreds of dollars just to be CONSIDERED for inclusion in their database. And hardly any of them guarantee that your listing will remain in their system. uses absolutely no ranking system. Data is presented in the format that our users want. Data can be sorted and limited alphabetically, by various categories and even geographically. Our data can even be downloaded in a convenient text format for use in other programs.

    As smart as the ranking systems of most search engines claim to be, the robots don't know the difference between a hot air balloon and a balloon catheter. As an example, when you search our system for a medical-related balloon, you get 247 specific medical balloon products. The same search on yields 2.6 MILLION pages of totally useless information. This is often referred to as search engine "noise". uses only industry-specific terminology to eliminate the usual search engine noise.

Comprehensive contains every known FDA-registered medical device company (37,000+ companies) and every known FDA-registered product (87,000+ products). This data is always current with a feed from the FDA coming in every month and additional data supplied by our members continuously.

    We have the contact data of 39,000 suppliers such as pharmacies and medical equipment distributors. We have information for 34,000 health service providers such as hospitals, mammography clinics and nursing homes. Our industry website links databases continues to grow with 100,000 links already indexed and thousands more queued up for inclusion in our system. is the most comprehensive directory in the medical device industry.

    Most search engines return results based (partly) upon the number of times the keywords you entered appear in each page of results in their database. Of course, they also factor in the paid sponsorships and other website popularity factors. The search technology is based upon literal strings. What you type in is what you get. You can limit the results by geography, additional keywords, and other criteria relevant to the types of searches you run. Often times, the less you type, the better results you will get.

    The North American Industry Classification Company has tried for years to classify companies, products and services by number. They started with 4-digit codes and later tried to refine the system with a 6-digit coding system. But the fact remains that it is literally impossible to index every type of company, product, and service with a 6-digit system. There simply aren't enough numbers! (Even the classic Dewey Decimal System does a better job of indexing than SIC codes.) To illustrate our point, we conducted an analysis of SIC code 3841: Surgical and Medical Instruments.

    Remember, there are over 87,000 FDA-registered medical devices. Using the descriptors within SIC code 3841, we were able to find about 25,000 products within our own database. We then tried using those same descriptors on and found over 49 MILLION pages of information. Do you have the time to sift through 49 million pages of useless information? Why waste your time?

    SIC codes are absolutely useless! has solved the problem of finding companies, products and services by using a more controlled, precise, industry-specific, and wittingly simple searching technology: WORDS.
Click here to download the specific results of our study in Excel format. (Right-click, save as).

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