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This site currently contains approximately 95,000 suppliers. About half of those are participating in the Medicare Assignment program. The suppliers database includes companies such as retail stores offering durable medical equipment for wholesale distribution and sale to the public, pharmacies and drug stores, opticians and many more.

All of these companies have the ability to add their products and services into the database. As they do so, you will be able to find companies by the products and services they offer. Current data includes company name, address, and phone number.

Supplier Records and Manufacturer Records are Now Cross-Linked

Are you a medical equipment supplier? If so, you are going to love this feature! Supplier and Manufacturer records can now be cross-linked. What that means for you is that when our visitors search for products manufacturered by companies you represent, they will know that you are one of that company's suppliers. 30% of our visitors view manufacturer records in our system. This is an excellent opportunity for you to passively build your market presence!

Click here to view a supplier record in our system that has been cross linked with manufacturers.

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