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Company Profile for Velotec

Company Name: Velotec
Address: 5130 E. La Palma Ave. Ste. 101
City, State, Zip: Anaheim, CA 92807
County: Orange
Country: US
Phone: 714-695-1500
Fax: 714-695-1195
General Email: cduffy@velotec.com
Web Site:
Company Brochure:
Company Description:
Services Offered:
About Us: We will design quality products to help our customers be competitive and profitable. We will counter technical challenges with innovative and cost effective solutions.

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Products Offered by Velotec

This company has listed 3 products.

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ASYNC Source Code For Microchip 16C5XX series micr

The source code for implementing a software only asynchronous port, posted on Microchip's web, site has a nasty bug. The original code is listed in application note AN510.

We discovered the bug during a design project and we fixed the code

Product Website: http://hop.clickbank.net/?markwarric/velotec


There are 480,000 different combinations of standard 1% resistor values. If you need 2.75 volts from a 5.00 volt reference, which of those 480,000 pairs will give you the closest result?

For this example there are 9 resistor pairs that will

Product Website: http://hop.clickbank.net/?markwarric/velotec

LS2000 Software Upgrade Version 2.05

Latest version of the LS2000's control program. Runs in DOS.

This version fixes bugs and adds multiple features and capabilities.

Package is a ZIP file that includes a test file that details the changes at each version and i

Product Website: http://hop.clickbank.net/?markwarric/velotec
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Services Offered by Velotec

Service Name Description Keywords D B WWW
1 Analog Design
  • Electro optic analytical systems
  • Servo closed loop control of non-linear systems
  • Fiber optic signal and data transmission
  • Data conversion and acquisition
  • Power supplies, analog and switchers, high voltage, high current switch regulation and control for medical and scientific applications
  • Precision motor control - DC and stepper types
  • Fluid handling - precision control of pumps and valves
  • Precision temperature control
  • Analog Design WWW
    2 Design Documentation If you are ISO9000 or FDA GMP or both or none, Velotec can provide you with the documentation quality and accuracy you require.
    • Design Requirements
    • Design Specifications
    • Process Validation
    • Process Instructions
    • Technical Reports
    • Drawings
    • Schematics
    Documentation WWW
    3 Electro Optical Designs
  • Array spectroscopy
  • Spectrographs
  • Fiber optic systems
  • Tube readers, cuvette readers and micro well readers
  • Spectroscopy, fluorescence, photon counting, flash fluorometry, and etc.
  • Front surface fluorometry
  • Reflectance
  • And more
  • Electro Optical WWW
    4 Electronic Design Velotec offers a wide variety of experience in the various electronic design disciplines. Electronic Design WWW
    5 Mechanical Design Velotec designers have an extensive history of successful mechanical designs. We have proven experience in motion control, fluid handling, temperature control and optical designs. Mechanical Design WWW
    6 Protyping Have a design or a design idea but no resources to build it?

    Many designs require a prototype to prove a concept or for continuing development work.

    We have proven experience to develop and build these quickly. And we will bring new thinking to the project too.
    Protyping WWW
    7 Technical Management Technical management is usually within the scope of the product manager and the engineering project manager but often these key people rely on their engineering staff for this critical function. Technical management insures that the following question have the right answers:
    • Do the project's various technologies fit together in a well balanced way?
    • Will the design approach meet the functional specifications without going overboard?
    • What areas of the design technology are risky and to what degree? What are the fall back positions or backup plans?
    • What areas of the design have the potential to adversely impact the schedule, development cost and product cost?
    • What is the best delegation of design responsibilities given the resources available? In what technology areas would additional resources have the best overall impact?
    • Which design tasks can proceed concurrently? What are the risks associated with concurrent development?
    management WWW

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