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Company Profile for XPiQ Inc

Company Name: XPiQ Inc
Address: 1590 Sinclair Street
City, State, Zip: Anaheim, CA 92806
County: Orange
Country: CA
Phone: 800-844-1188
Fax: 714 712 4517
General Email: sales@xp-iq.com
Web Site: http://www.xp-iq.com
Keywords: VDC, Power Supply, Power Supplies, acdc, ac/dc, dcdc, dc/dc, converter, Open frame, CPCI, Modular, Rectifier, Front End, SIP, DIP, 1/8 Brick, Eighth Brick, 1/4 Brick, Quarter Brick, 1/2 Brick, Half Brick, Non-Isolated, NonIsolated, Hot-Swap, Desktop
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About Us: The XPerts in Power
    XPiQ is part of the $100 million XP Group of companies, delivering power solutions to an extensive range of international customers across all industry sectors. We maintain design and manufacturing facilities on three continents making use of the best and most cost-effective locations from which to configure the right mix of technologies.

Intelligent Design
    XPiQ delivers the widest range of power products in the industry. We are dedicated to the development of new technologies towards smaller, more efficient and lower cost power solutions. Within the last year, XPiQ introduced 37 new families of products adding to our long list of solutions ranging from 1 watt SIPs to 12 kilowatt Hot-Swap Power Systems.

Quality Product
    XPiQ quality is defined by superior design, detailed qualification and rigorous testing. The process begins with design to ensure not only optimal product performance and reliability, but improved manufacturability. All manufactured products endure Quality Inspections, Automated Testing and Burn-In. Our processes are clearly defined to the ISO 9001/2000 standard.

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